Sunday, October 17, 2021

The Aberrant Business in the Deep Web And The Spanish Company That Wants To Put An End To It

Enthec is a Spanish company that specializes in cyber intelligence and real-time surveillance. The company emerged in Madrid in 2019 as an initiative of María Rojo, the CEO, although Ricardo Sánchez, Maximiliano Castignani and Alvaro Lisón soon joined the project. 

Their first product launched on the market is Kartos, which was already discussed on this website. In short, what they offer are artificial intelligence robots that, by simply entering a domain name, search, report and monitor all the leaks of a company on the Internet that could pose a security and reputational risk.

The nastiest cybercrimes

However, what we want to talk about in this article is the tool they want to launch next year. In principle it will be called Terón and the purpose is to create a tool to support the State Security Forces in the investigation of cybercrime.

"We had heard about what moves in the Deep and Dark Web, but when we entered we began to see thousands and thousands and thousands of pages with pederasty business, organ trafficking, drug trafficking, arms, trafficking of women, children ... Everything you see there is aberrant, but we must enter to identify and combat them. Everything you see there is aberrant, but we have to go in to identify them and fight them," says Maria Rojo.

The challenges

The deep web is a hidden and totally encrypted layer of the Internet network that cannot be accessed by a conventional browser. You can only enter through the URL provided by the organization through different nodes that are used to break ties. Each of them with a different location. So the first challenge for all those who pursue this type of crime on the network is to identify the URL.

There are different servers to host these URLs, such as TOR or I2P, among others, which facilitate hidden networks. The serious thing is that you don't need to be a computer genius to learn how to handle them and create your own URL, of course there are also experts who are dedicated to it.

The second challenge is to verify the content because much of what is published is false, in this case not so much to mislead security agents as to lie and steal from each other. For example, one can say that he has 30 credit cards with balance available, believe the fake, buy them and then be a lie.

The third challenge is, after going through all the layers by removing the encryptions, to get to the starting point of the information, to the origin, who that person is, in which country and at what point.

That's what they want to achieve with Teron: find the really criminal content, catalog it and get to the source.

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