Saturday, October 2, 2021

Profitable Ideas that Have Little to None Competition

Recovery of regional gastronomy

Man Preparing Traditional 'Booyah' Stew in Green Bay, Wisconsin

Yes, there are many traditions and unique foods in all parts of the Americas that are being lost due to ignorance and that producers and distributors are trying to recover and turn into a business. And yes, it is a profitable business because, in addition to the income from the courses, they have created a business model based on sponsors of all the products they use: from the utensils, through each of the ingredients and ending with drinks and snacks. All of them are local brands that want to make themselves known to both the local public and tourists (the ones that leave more margin).

Advice on catering

The passion for cooking is generating new restaurant concepts, many for new entrepreneurs or for long-established businesses that see the need to reinvent themselves to avoid being left out of the market.

They need experts to help them create business concepts that fit with today's consumers and that, basically, are based on the search for roots, respect for the environment, new experiences around food... It is no longer so important the technique or a recipe as the way to tell the message of each restaurant.

Computerized appraisals

An opportunity for tax and fiscal specialists oriented to startup clients. It is about offering companies with their own developments a valuation of their assets, finished or not, both to help them in a potential sale and to reduce their tax burden by including them in the company's balance sheet. These appraisals are also key to attract financing and public aid.

Drone repair workshop

Drone manufacturers have a repair service for their own products, but it makes perfect sense for someone to offer this service externally for drones of different brands. And as drones become more popular, the demand for a repair service will increase.

Computer expertise

A niche with a lot of present and more future opportunities for computer security experts. The aim is to help SMEs and large companies to detect possible failures in their systems and/or personal data leaks. And, of course, offering them solutions to avoid it.

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