Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Innovative Ideas For Setting Up Profitable Businesses

The following consumer trends guarantee the existence of a potential audience when it comes to betting on new ideas and setting up a profitable business:

A luxury resell

Within the luxury market, a trend has emerged that opens its doors to the public. This is the so-called second-hand luxury, to which emblematic brands such as Louis Vuitton, Gucci or Chanel have already joined. The sale of high-end used goods is spreading not only among young people, prone to the acquisition of aspirational products, but to all age groups and sectors, from cars to furniture, fashion or jewelry. With this in mind, marketplaces are being set up to facilitate the connection between the owners of these luxury items and potential customers or collectors.

3D products

Additive printing is such a versatile technology that it can be applied to practically any industry. It is being used to manufacture medical implants, eyeglasses, jewelry, clothing and even food products and complex dishes. Building bulky structures in 3D, such as a house, can also be done but is not yet recommended because it is not cost-effective. 

What additive manufacturing does open the door to is customization and on-demand manufacturing, an opportunity that can be seized by all those businesses that want to focus on these attributes.

Lifestyle & Wellness

There are so many trends emerging in this category that the business opportunities seem almost endless. They range from those consumers who defend Zero Waste to minimalists or veganism. All proposals that advocate recycling and circular economy, responsible consumption or all those that despise the use of animals as an economic resource fit here.

Making life easier for the customer

Making life easier for the customer, both private and corporate, is the objective pursued by practically all the solutions now being launched on the market. The trend is to save travel, so that they can carry out any procedure from a mobile device without leaving the couch; to cut out intermediaries by using technology to reduce costs and product; and to serve them as, where and when they need you, not the other way around.


Now that we have made the leap to digitalization, we demand maximum security guarantees when carrying out transactions, when we hand over our data for a specific purpose, when we share a confidential document over the network or when we are attended by a psychologist via telematics. The current scenario opens up a range of business opportunities in this area. The best thing is that the market is willing to pay for them. There are many solutions in this direction and they are becoming increasingly sophisticated, such as biometric identification or voice recognition.

Each community has its own market

Specializing your products or services in certain social groups should also be seen as an opportunity.  Many companies do this and are doing very well, generating new markets. This is the case, for example, of offers that move within what is already known as 'LGBT-friendly' or those oriented exclusively to the 'silver economy', with a beastly growth potential within any industry.


Today, this applies to any company, regardless of what it does. It should not be understood as a concept that is restricted to the environmental sphere, but also extends to the social and economic spheres. Companies that are known for undertaking initiatives of this type or facilitating the transition to sustainability for others seem to have a guarantee of success. 

Virtual shows

Although still in its infancy, there is already a lot of talk about the metaverse. It is based on the exact recreation of a physical space in a virtual one where people interact as avatars and the local becomes global. Thanks to this proposal, any Japanese person could attend a C. Tangana concert in Madrid, for example, without leaving the sofa at home. It is assumed that the experience will be complete when the use of Virtual Reality glasses becomes widespread, but in the meantime, the solutions that are coming out in this direction make use of Augmented Reality. Holograms are now also proving to be a useful technology for the entertainment world.

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