Thursday, October 21, 2021

Andy Jassy's First 100 Days on Amazon

They say you can't judge a politician's performance before 100 days in office. This rule could also apply to the entrepreneurial ecosystem, where one of the characters of the year, Andy Jassy, has just surpassed that figure at the helm of global e-commerce giant Amazon.

Andy Jassy took over from Jeff Bezos at the helm of Amazon on July 5. Since then, it might seem that nothing has changed at the company, although the new CEO of the e-commerce giant has already had to make important decisions that will mark the course of Amazon in the future and that aim to maintain the reign of the brand for years to come.

In reality, Andy Jassy's takeover at the helm of Amazon has not been an easy task. The company's founder and former CEO, Jeff Bezos, set the bar high during the second quarter of the year, when Amazon posted record revenue of $113.1 billion, a growth of 27%. Now, Jassy will have to keep up the numbers and prove that he can take the reins of one of the biggest companies in history.

All this amid a series of long-running controversies. One of the most important, which focuses the debate halfway around the world, has to do with Amazon's working conditions, as well as the possible infiltration of "spies" in the unions to stop the claims of its employees.

The outlines of Andy Jassy's first 100 days at the helm of Amazon

In any case, it seems that Andy Jassy's first decisions at the helm of Amazon do not mark a clear difference between his hand and the plans that Jeff Bezos had before leaving the CEO's chair. Not surprisingly, Jassy has always been a man of trust for the entrepreneur, who before taking office was the top manager of Amazon Web Services, the company's cloud computing service.

Thus, in addition to maintaining and continuing to grow with its best-known business lines -Amazon, Amazon Prime Video or AWS itself-, Andy Jassy has focused on two new businesses that could end up exploding in the near future. And, in this case, Twitch, the company's streaming platform, is a priority.

Twitch has been on everyone's lips in recent months, after content creators such as Ibai Llanos or Auronplay made headlines and sought new formulas to become the most followed streamers in the world. Proof of the importance of the platform is the attraction of hundreds of brands and entrepreneurs who see it as a new tool to succeed in business, such as soccer player Gerard Piqué.

In addition, Andy Jassy is leading a research strategy in sectors with a great future, such as solar energy -with projects in Spain-, products focused on smart homes or video games, a sector where Amazon has already failed and which they intend to recover in the coming months.

All this, with the added difficulty of not losing the soul that has made Amazon the e-commerce giant worldwide. In this regard, Andy Jassy took advantage of his first internal email as CEO to praise Jeff Bezos, and announced his commitment to continue creating an innovative corporate culture, as well as to make "Amazon better every day".

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