Thursday, October 7, 2021

6 Interesting Principles of TikTok's Corporate Culture

TikTok is the social network in vogue. It is one of the fastest-growing social platforms, and has become especially popular in recent years thanks to its short video format, which is a hit with young people. But, according to some reports, working at its parent company, ByteDance, is not so much fun for employees.

ByteDance's internal culture includes six principles that all employees must adhere to. In this regard, it appears that TikTok's parent company has been using these precepts - which they call ByteStyles - to pressure some employees and reward others.

The alarm bells went off last April, when, in a meeting between management and workers to answer questions and make proposals, an employee revealed that TikTok workers were earning less money than those of Google or Facebook, direct competitors of the Chinese social network.

A few hours later, the wayward employee received a series of emails from his superiors reminding him that the tone used in the meeting was not in line with his ByteStyles. "We want to hear your opinion, but it can be done in a respectful manner, as that will likely facilitate more effective discussions and be more aligned with our principles," it stated.

After being leaked to the press, the emails sent by TikTok management have served as a basis for opening the debate on whether corporate principles of companies can be used as a method of pressure for the most rebellious workers. In this regard, it has also come to light that ByteDance uses these precepts to evaluate the performance of its employees, both in positive and negative terms.

TikTok's corporate principles

Although, judging by recent events, it might seem that TikTok's corporate principles are something akin to a military manual, the truth is that most of them are based on the internal culture that the great entrepreneurs of Silicon Valley, such as Jeff Bezos, have created within their companies.

It's always day one. This is one of the main ByteStyles and one of the biggest similarities of TikTok's corporate culture with the one Jeff Bezos created at Amazon. In general terms, it consists of taking each day of work within the company with the same enthusiasm, creativity and effort as if it were the first.

Pushing for diversity and inclusion. One of the instructions that TikTok's parent company gives its employees is to "be tenacious in making sure that the diversity of the world is reflected in your work team". To this end, they call to encourage the participation of all people from a point of view of listening and mutual respect.

Aim high. This principle could be extrapolated to the internal culture of any company, but it is no less important. As ByteDance explains, to achieve this it is necessary to grow and learn constantly and "distill ideas" until you find ways to improve.

Keep your feet on the ground and be brave. "Make your own discoveries, focus on impact, take risks, break the mold and iterate fast." That's the way TikTok's parent company describes this principle, where it encourages its employees to take risks and take initiative.

Be open and humble. This is one of the principles that, in the opinion of TikTok managers, the wayward worker who denounced the pay inequality between the social network and its competition did not comply with. "Be aware and control your ego. Approach problems with a broad perspective," ByteDance explains.

Be honest and clear. "Dare to share your opinions honestly and avoid pandering to the leader." The TikTok worker warned about his lack of compliance with the company's principles might be the only one in the company who has read this part of the ByteStyles. In this sense, for a company's internal culture to work, it is necessary for its leaders to be the first to lead by this model....

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