Sunday, September 26, 2021

Businesses In Sectors That Will Always Do Well...

Regardless of whether the general economic situation is good or bad, these businesses will always do well. Why not start them?

MicroAcquire: buying startups

MicroAcquire's business is based on a U.S.-based platform founded by Andrew Gazdecki, its CEO. Its mission, he says, "is to help other founders," no matter how small a company, "build the right relationships to take their entrepreneurial career to the next level," which would be selling. 

MicroAcquire connects startups with potential acquirers in a single marketplace. "Our goal is to help startups find buyers. It's as simple as that," summarizes their raison d'être on the website. And while we're at it, let's promise, you can also read the company's commitment to "initiate conversations that lead to an acquisition in just 30 days, free of charge."

TIL: industrial machinery

TIL is a startup dedicated to the purchase and sale of industrial machinery. They claim that their biggest competitive advantage is "offering a comprehensive service to both those who want to buy second-hand machinery and those who want to sell their used machinery". They also claim to manage "in a fair and ethical manner industrial machinery coming from companies that want to renew their production line or from companies in difficult situations, such as insolvency, closure, liquidation or bankruptcy proceedings". 

As for the services they offer, they range from asset valuation and inventory to sale management, including "waste collection, PRL security compliance, or the destruction of files according to LPD regulations", among others.

Tuvalum: bicycles

Tuvalum is a Spanish startup that is gaining ground in the high-end second-hand bicycle market as a marketplace specializing in bicycles for sports use (mountain bike, road, triathlon, gravel, etc.). Alejandro Pons and Ismael Labrador created the marketplace in 2015 after going through the Demium Startup accelerator. The original idea was to cover all verticals of outdoor sports, although in the end they chose to focus on bicycles and their accessories. 

Before closing a sale transaction, the bike is checked and, if necessary, reconditioned by expert mechanics and then certified. It is also possible to finance the purchase. Through this marketplace, both individuals and small establishments can sell bicycles, also acquiring liquidations. 

Lean Stocks: online B2B industrial machinery marketplace

Lean Stocks is a digital platform that specializes in the buying and selling of machinery and machine tool services. "A digital solution in which to integrate all players in the sector creating a unique ecosystem and offering a wide range of services and opportunities," they say.

Íker García (CEO), Iñaki Osa (CDO) and Gorka Ariznabarreta (CTO), make up the team behind Lean Stocks, a project that arose in 2020 as a product of extensive experience in the sector. "We have seen a need in companies when buying and selling industrial machinery and complementary services. Our main objective is to meet the needs of industrial companies by creating an ecosystem around the machine tool and metal sector. All this in a digital way through an interactive platform," they say.

They also stand as a sustainable alternative within the circular economy, one of the points included in the "values" section to which they add: innovation, teamwork, humility and perseverance. 

"I detected a great need on the part of companies when it comes to both selling and buying machinery. The seller has stock problems and it is difficult for him to sell his machinery and for the buyer to find the machinery or service that best suits his needs. Lean Stocks solves all of that," said García in another interview with Emprendedores.

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