Wednesday, September 1, 2021

12-Year-Old Boy Earns Thousands of Euros In A Matter Of Hours Selling Digital Images Of Whales...

You've probably heard before about NFTs, digital assets representing files, images, videos and virtually any digital item understood as an art form that are bought and sold online through a network of cryptocurrencies and act as a certificate dictating digital ownership. Details such as who owns them are stored in a kind of blockchain digital ledger.

If you thought this was a bubble and that it was going to end, you are wrong, because now a 12-year-old boy living in London has made $400,000 over the summer during the school vacations simply by selling pixelated whales in different colors and shapes.

This story, which has been picked up by British media such as the Mirror, reports that Benyamin Ahmed, a 12-year-old boy living in North London has sold these pixelated whale artworks as "non-fungible tokens" by creating thousands of them.

Specifically, this collection of pixelated whales is called Weird Whales and represents 3350 whales in the purest Minecraft style, each with different features, and has already generated no less than $160,000. 

It is using this currency that buyers can pay for different NFT and is the way in which this young man now stores a huge fortune that can be transformed into cash through the various exchange sites.

However, the young man has been coding since he was 5 years old and became interested in NFTs earlier this year when they started to become popular, and since then he has been working on his own collection of pixelated whales.

As The Telegraph notes, "I'm not a natural artist but I watched some YouTube videos and figured out how to draw pixel whales very quickly. It took me a few weeks to create the images and various props and then I included them in my program which helped me set up the rarity of the different features, making some more collectible than others."

His Weird Whales collection sold out in just 9 hours after it went on sale a few weeks ago. But he previously created another NFT collection earlier this summer, consisting of 40 pixelated avatars called Minecraft Yee Haa.

The young man has so far amassed some $400,000 in both collections and is likely to become the youngest person to earn a million dollars in cryptocurrencies.

According to his father Imran, "people are surprised that someone so young can create something like this and some people have even thought that it must be a Russian hacker posing as a child and not a 12-year-old student".

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