Monday, August 30, 2021

WeWork Founders Will Also Get Their Own Series

There seems to be no end to the interest of major international audiovisual production companies in telling the stories of the world's best-known entrepreneurs. This time, Apple+ will be in charge of producing a series on the history of WeWork, founded by Adam and Rebekah Neumann.

The series, which has already begun filming, will star Anne Hathaway and Jared Leto, two superstars who will play the roles of the founders of WeWork, who have starred in several controversial episodes in recent years, such as the leak by an employee showing how the Neumanns' business conglomerate was losing $100 million every week.

The marriage is proof of the bubble in which many technology entrepreneurs in the United States can live, as well as the importance of knowing how to communicate in order to attract the most powerful investors in the world. Perhaps this is the key to WeWork's meteoric growth since its founding in 2010. Its founder, Adam Neumann, had a great capacity for communication and conviction, which facilitated access to financing from large groups.

But all that glitters is not gold. The Neumanns' taste for money and pharaonic properties outweighed their entrepreneurial side. An example of this is the time when they registered the word 'We' and then sold it to their own company for six million dollars.

This type of practice, together with investments beyond the company's real possibilities, led WeWork to accumulate a billion-dollar debt, close to the $47 billion it was once valued at. Adam Neumann was finally removed from his position by the company's main investor, Softbank, and since then he has maintained a much lower media profile than during his time as CEO.

WeWork, a company that has transformed the office concept

Despite the Neumanns' mismanagement at the helm of WeWork, the project has managed to change the concept of the office around the world over the last decade. Its dedicated coworking spaces have become an option for many companies, and will become especially important in the post-pandemic work environment.

The curious case of the founders of WeWork has caught the attention of a major production company such as Apple+, which has joined the bandwagon of series and films about entrepreneurs that have been so successful in recent months.

Thus, in addition to the mythical films about Steve Jobs, Walt Disney or Mark Zuckerberg, a whole catalog of series dedicated to reviewing the lives of great entrepreneurs is being added. In addition to the founders of WeWork, Elon Musk will also be featured in a series produced by HBO, which will tell the story of the process leading up to the launch of SpaceX's first rocket to the International Space Station.

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