Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Doofinder, The 'Google' Of Online Stores

Doofinder is a Spanish software company specialized in intelligent search solutions for eCommerce. It is an internal search engine that multiplies sales in online stores by an average of 20% because users find relevant results. 

It can be defined as the "Google of online stores". At the time, Google demonstrated why search is an essential element of the Internet user experience, since the amount of information on the Web is such that without search engines it would be impossible to find what we are interested in. Something similar happens in an online store when it comes to finding the desired product.

This fact led two Spanish entrepreneurs, Enrique Martínez and Iván Navas, current CEO, to found Doofinder in 2011, with the aim of democratizing access to cutting-edge AI-based technology for eCommerce of any size and type through a SaaS (Software as a Service) solution, at an affordable price for any type of company.

The search engine's Artificial Intelligence and the use of Natural Processing Language (NPL) allows to refine searches taking into account synonyms and misspellings in more than 30 languages and learn from user behavior to make predictions and offer personalized results and according to their geolocation.

Global success

Doofinder has become a key player in the global eCommerce ecosystem. It is present in 56 countries, in nearly 6,000 eCommerce of wide diversity. 80% of its clients are from outside Spain. In our country, a thousand online stores use its services. Its turnover has not stopped growing: 4.2 million € in 2019; 6.5 million € in 2020, and a forecast of 10 million € at the end of 2021. 

Among its customers are big brands, such as Primor, Conforama or EcoAlf, and smaller online stores, which have achieved a significant conversion rate and sales by having their internal search engine, such as FitnessDigital or VinoPremier, as well as many small local businesses that have made the leap to online sales due to the pandemic, such as the Madrid pharmacy Galileo 61.  

Doofinder has a team of almost a hundred employees of 15 different nationalities, from sales engineers to marketing specialists and developers. The level of the programmers is very good, with many years of experience, good practices, high standards and excellent product care. 

It is based on a management model that takes care of the training of developers with care and gives them a leading role in decision making. When you enter Doofinder and you have been there for a while, you realize how much you have grown. And it's the same for the veterans. Doofinder is an open, family-friendly company that bets on experiences together beyond the office and working hours. 

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