Friday, August 20, 2021

7 New Startups that Are Revolutionizing The Construction Industry

7 international startups are revolutionizing this traditional sector:

SaaS to manage real estate defects

Austrian startup PlanRadar digitizes the construction process with its documentation and communication software. A very special tool because of the ease with which project defects can be communicated, thus saving time and money throughout the construction process. All professionals involved in the construction site, whether they are workers, the construction manager or the developer, can record defects on the plan and assign a ticket to the responsible person from the Smartphone or tablet. Automatically, the responsible person receives an alert. This direct communication greatly reduces the incidence of errors in tasks and their documentation and improves the quality control process.

A platform for compliance with building regulations

This British platform facilitates compliance by implementing BIM methodology in a collaborative manner. Everyone involved in a project can contribute and share information at all stages of the project: from design and construction to maintenance. With Morta, it is collaboratively defined who has to do what task, when and how to do it. The work is also verified collaboratively. The completed work receives feedback on how to improve it and which rules have not been followed. This eliminates errors and incorrect values that usually occur in the implementation of the works.  

AI for submitting work projects

1build is a startup that offers an artificial intelligence software service that quickly transforms construction plans into a shopping list of the materials needed to turn the plan into a real project and exposes the cost it would take to carry it out. This startup that reinvents the opportunities around construction offers very accurate estimates of both the cost of the materials needed and the labor that would have to be hired. The idea is to help developers to have a real budget of the necessary investment they will have to make to develop their projects, but also to facilitate their access to tenders and bids, by putting them in a better position to win a bid. The platform generates the necessary documents in an organized and accurate way to put your customers ahead of their competitors. To obtain an accurate estimate, all you need to do is conduct a survey on the platform, upload the plans and describe the project in a few clicks. The result is completed with the support of a team of consultants, architects, construction managers and data scientists to ensure the quality of the results and provide personal advice on how to win the bid.

Recycled plastic to build artificial gravel

Based in Argentina, Arqlite solves the problem of excess plastics and transforms them into a construction product: artificial gravel. Gravel, they say, is ten times more insulating (thermally and acoustically) and 66% lighter than conventional gravel. The fact that it is lighter not only affects the weight of the structure, but also makes it more manageable in the construction process, but above all in transportation, where substantial cost savings are also achieved.

Bulk construction supplies auction

Germany's Schüttflix has developed the first digital marketplace for buying building supplies in bulk. Supplies such as sand, crushed rock and gravel that are usually purchased in highly fragmented markets can be obtained quickly and at the best price through this app; Shüttflix provides information to the buyer on which suppliers can provide the material on time and at what price it can be purchased. The app guarantees on-time delivery within 4 hours and allows you to track how deliveries are going at all times.

Predictive analytics for new projects

BldBox is an Artificial Intelligence platform capable of calculating the cost of building a project almost immediately from the analysis of other twin projects. Developed in San Francisco, the tool draws on its historical data to predict (based on location, current cost increases and other parameters) the cost of the project as a whole and stage by stage.

Swarm of small robots to speed up construction sites

Semblr Technologies proposes an absolutely disruptive way of constructing buildings: supporting the work of laying brick on brick with a team of small robots that perform the most repetitive and most dangerous tasks, since it avoids human labor at heights. Its founders are convinced that they are creating the future of on-site construction. "Our robot-driven BIM workflow, combined with our on-site construction robot teams, enable a fully digital construction process from design to fabrication to completion. We reduce labor by 90% and provide time-specific documentation of the construction process," they assure.

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