Wednesday, August 18, 2021

7 Business Opportunities Already Succeeding in the United States

The United States is an inexhaustible mine of business ideas. Although many of them do not always work out, the entrepreneurial culture in the U.S. is always a source of inspiration to find new niches to explore in Europe. These businesses have managed to grow thanks to their original ideas, and many of them still do not have a presence outside the U.S. borders.

Filld - Gas station home delivery service

The first of the business ideas that succeed in the United States is Filld, a company that offers a home gas station service. Founded in 2014 in Silicon Valley, this startup is responsible for filling the tanks of its customers' vehicles, whether they are individuals or companies that need to refuel a fleet of cars or vans. Through an app, customers can choose the location, date and time, and a pick-up with a small tank in the back will appear to fill the tank.

Filld's results have been a success in the United States, and they are already active in Silicon Valley, Seattle, Portland and Canada. In 2018 they managed to raise 15 million dollars, which they used to accelerate their growth.

The Wing - A club for working women

The increase in the weight of women in the working and entrepreneurial environment has given rise to the emergence of multiple business ideas related to labor equality or the fight against the glass ceiling in companies. One of them is The Wing, a coworking space and networking club exclusively for women that has a varied list of services: workspaces, meeting rooms, cafeteria, hairdresser... In addition to a cultural agenda designed to create links with the group.

Ovie - Smart Tuppers

This startup founded in 2018 has designed the first smart tuppers on the market. The containers have a smart label, where you have to program the type of food you keep, something that can also be done through Alexa, Amazon's voice assistant. The company launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter, where it raised more than $64,000 -the project required $40,000-, which shows the interest in a product that aims to put an end to absent-mindedness when storing food in the fridge.

Aim - The autonomous hospital

At times like the present, business ideas around health and wellness are more important than ever in the entrepreneurial ecosystem. In the case of Aim, this startup has designed an autonomous hospital prototype. As if it were a photo booth, patients with some kind of ailment enter a booth placed on the street, where they can have a virtual consultation with a doctor or be diagnosed of almost any disease. In case a transfer to the hospital is required, the booth would also function as an autonomous vehicle capable of moving through traffic to get to the emergency room as quickly as possible.

ROOM - Phone booths in the office

Privacy is an important aspect in all areas of life, including at work. That's why ROOM has designed soundproof booths to be able to talk on the phone in the office or work without the noise that usually dominates in large workspaces. The project is one of the most interesting business ideas on this list, and has several types of booths, depending on their size and usefulness.

Cabin - A luxury hotel in a bus

Long-distance bus travel can sometimes be a real pain. Although some companies already offer a premium service, American entrepreneurs are looking for business ideas to improve even that comfort. In this sense, Cabin offers the services of a luxury hotel inside a bus: individual rest cabins, wifi, space for two suitcases and personalized service.

Mirror - Another fitness revolution

How could it be otherwise in 2021, a list of novel business ideas must include a mention of the fitness industry. In this case, the startup Mirror has manufactured a mirror with a camera and speakers that functions as a gym monitor. The device offers a personalized training plan and, when you're not working out, it becomes a decorative element in the home.

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